Specialty Belt Conveyors Solves Significant Degradation Problem

Manufacturer - Omni-Elevate

Merchandise - Copper Oxide, Chemical compounds

Situation Heritage #102

Track record

In 1999 a SC chemical production plant contacted Carolina Content Technologies (CMT) in urgent need to have of a conveying program that would not degrade their solution, copper oxide. The product necessary to be conveyed from a dryer, 45' vertical to a screener and then convey this closing, screened solution from a surge bin to their bagging operation.

Existing Issue

The firm had installed a pneumatic conveying system in September of 1999 and rapidly located that their merchandise was becoming degraded by the pneumatic conveying system to a stage the place it could not be marketed. The business desperately required a resolution and required this instantly.

The Remedy

The business contacted CMT, whom they experienced worked with in the past. Their needs included:

- Conveying from the dryer, 12' horizontally, in the x-aircraft.

- Conveying 5' horizontally in the y-airplane.

- Conveying 45' vertically to the screener.

- Conveying from the surge bin 6' horizontally, 25' vertically and 6' horizontally.

- Convey the merchandise without having degradation.

Z-Configuration Packaging Conveyor

Omni-Lift's specialty belt conveyors ended up speedily identified as the best solution for this application. Omni-Lift's belts are a a single-piece molded layout, which use "fingers" to carry the solution, even at 90-degree inclines. The conveyors can be configured in straight, "L" and "Z" configurations and are efficient sufficient to convey h2o.

Testing was carried out at Omni-Lift's facility in one month with samples returned to the client for approval. Approval was immediately offered and a few specialty belt conveyors were requested to meet the earlier mentioned specifications.


- The method was put in in February of 2001.

- Automated generation started quickly with in-spec solution.

- A manufacturing unit qualified agent made an adjustment to the conveying pace in the course of startup.

- The technique has executed with nearly zero upkeep, permitting the buyer to make trustworthy, in-spec solution from day 1.

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